Amir is a Universal Healing Tao Certified Instructor and has trained with Mantak Chia who is the creator of Universal Healing Tao system. 

He first read a book by Master Chia in the 90s and started practising the Microcosmic Orbit and The Healing Love and since then he has partaken in numerous workshops and retreats gaining more experience as a teacher and practitioner. 

Amirs interest in spirituality and energy work perked up as he read all of the books by Carlos Castaneda during the 80s and 90s and since then he has also been a Kundalini Yoga teacher, an EFT practitioner, self development coach, and a Wu Style Tai Chi practitioner. 

Currently he is a Chi Kung teacher for Sporting Recovery in South London.

Amir is also quite well known around the spiritual scene as a drummer and percussionist having performed in numerous festivals and gatherings in the UK and Europe.