We all have an inner child and hearing our inner child instead of associating our negative feeling with our circumstances now, is very helpful in bringing about transformation and healing to our lives and reclaim our lost energy.

Let me elaborate. Let’s say someone has said something hurtful to you and you are feeling down about it. Instead of thinking how such and such person hates me or I hate them or how unfair it is for them to say such things about me, see if you could shift your perspective to something along these lines.

The cries and the sadness or any other negative emotions that you feel now is your inner child being unhappy due to unresolved issues generally as a result of not being loved.

What would you do if this was your physical child that you were holding? It is your child and you have to love it in spite of your feelings now. So you would sooth it. You’d say something along the lines of “My dear, it is alright. I will look after you. I love you and I will always be there for you and never let any harm come your way. You are safe in my arms…”
This is parenting our own inner child and it is an important skill to master.

As you do this and hold the child in your minds eyes in your embrace, you help that child recover from its original trauma and its energy merges with yours and you feel more whole and complete. This is a simple and powerful exercise that you can adopt to many situations and by doing so, you heal and integrate fragmented aspects of yourself back into your present being.