Inner Alchemy Foundations

We are energetic beings and in the same way that we breath air, we can also breath in energy or Chi.

We have energy pathways or Meridians in our body and when we unblock them using practices such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung, more energy starts to flow in and we feel better and more connected to our surroundings and our environment

Once we have this energy flow the next step is to know how to store it and cultivate it.

In this workshop we use gentle Chi Kung movements and meditations to connect to the 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and all the directions.

With our feet firmly on the ground we develop a strong connection to earth and we feel more trust in life, knowing that Mother Earth is supporting us and providing us with all that we need.

Like a tree that has its roots deep in earth we can now safely reach out to the heavens and connect with the North Star and the Primordial Light, the source of all Wisdom and Healing.

We connect to our organs and smile into them to bring them into harmony with one another, and using specific Healing Sounds we release the negativity that can otherwise build up in them.

We use the process of Inner Alchemy to combine these energies in a beneficial way and store them in our Tan Tien or energy centre and as we do, we steer our lives towards a better and more fulfilling destiny.

This workshop is based on works of Mantak Chia who is the creator the Universal Healing Tao system.