Inner Alchemy Basics

In this workshop we introduce the following concepts that are the building blocks of Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice.

Wu Chi (The Emptiness, Original State)

Yin and Yang (First Division)

3 Tan Tiens (Energy Centres)

Chinese 5 Elements

Creative Cycle

Inner Alchemy builds upon the idea that all the elements and forces of nature are present within us and by learning to combine these energies internally we can heal and transform ourselves.

Furthermore we introduce three practices that are key in transforming and harmonising our emotions.

6 Healing Sounds, which uses specific sounds to release negative energy of different organs

Inner Smile, a practice that activates the virtue energies of each organ

Microcosmic Orbit, a very important energy pathway in our energy system

These Taoist practices are from the Universal Healing Tao (UHT) system created by Master Mantak Chia.

UHT is a complete system of self development that caters for body, mind and spirit.