Chi Kung & Inner Alchemy Basics

Enlightenment is only the first step. From then we have to practice. 

Many think that once they are enlightened there is nothing left to do, not realizing that enlightenment is that aha moment, that place of clarity when the path before you becomes clear. Walking the path is the practice. It is as if I told you that the jewel that you seek is located at the top of Mount Everest. Enlightenment is that knowing. Aha! So that’s where it is! Now, once the original excitement subsides, the preparations begin for you to start your journey to reach your goal by climbing the mountain. In Taoism the enlightenment is knowing that our organs contain the soul and spirit. The practice then begins to nurture these child spirits contained within us and make them stronger and prepare them for their journey back home. To Source.  This workshop covers The Taoist Basic practices on a weekly basis.  Don’t be put off by the word basic. It doesn’t mean trivial. It means essential and fundamental. These are the practices without which you can’t have a practice. Full Stop. I know my teacher Master Chia and many of the very advanced Taoist instructors and practitioners and these practices are the ones that they do EVERY DAY.  The more advanced stuff sits on top of these. Without these there is no foundation to build upon. In an ideal world I would offer these practices to you everyday, but for now I can offer one class a week. Treat this class as where you come to top up your energy and your practice and take what you learn here and practice that at home every day. Make that a part of your life. These practices are not just for the practice room. They are to be integrated into your life, as it is lived. In your interactions with others. In how you approach the challenges you face. That’s when you see the real transformation. The real benefits.  In the duration of the class we focus on the following areas.  1 – Releasing the negative energies of the organs using the 6 Healing Sounds practice. Organs hold negative energy and they have their individual egos and like children they can misbehave. And like children, when they misbehave they can cause havoc in our lives. This is why we need to cleanse the organs on a daily basis. Much like taking a shower. You don’t take a shower once and say ‘that’s it now, i never have to take a shower again’. Or at least I hope you don’t. We have to clean our bodies on a daily basis by taking a shower. So organs are no different.  2 – Activating the virtue energies of organs with the practice of Inner Smile. When we smile at our organs they feel more appreciated and loved and they work better to keep us healthy. Much like if I ask you with a smile to do something for me, you are more likely to say yes. There is more good will all around. It is much the same with the organs, they have intelligence and they are aware of how we treat them and they respond to good energy. 


3 – Increase the capacity to absorb energy with Embryonic Breathing 
We don’t only breath in oxygen, we also breath in energy. Well at least that’s what we are designed to do until we forget about it through lack of education and the unnatural life that our society promotes. All the points around the microcosmic orbit as well as some others are points through which we can absorb energy, and Embryonic Breath is a great way of stimulating these points and giving them more absorption power. 

 4 – Moving energy around the Microcosmic Orbit. Microcosmic Orbit is a very important energy pathway in our energy system. It includes the front channel and back channel which meet at the perineum and the roof of the mouth to form a circular pathway around the body. It is very important to keep this energy pathway open so that the energy can flow through it freely. As you might already know, most of the illnesses are the result of blocked and stuck energy. Microcosmic Orbit feeds all the meridians.Think of a river feeding canals that are connected to it.  5 – Strengthening our connection to heaven and earth. 
If you have ever had this feeling that you don’t belong and somehow you feel lost in this world, the chances are that you don’t have a good connection to earth and heaven. Especially earth. When we restore this connection through having a good stance we feel that we belong wherever we are. With a good connection to earth we can bring in the earth energy up to our vital organs, and earth being the source of all the riches, starts to nourish us and we feel more balanced and more abundant.
A lot of spiritual people are not grounded and because of that they feel lost. I used to be like tthat. I always wanted to fly to the moon and to the starts.
This practice changed everything for me. Now I want to bring the energy of moon, planets and starts into my body, right here, right now. It is an entirely different experience, called embodiment. 

When : Every Wednesday 18:30 – 19:30  UK Time
Where: Online Zoom
Cost: £15 per lesson or £50 for 4 lessons.

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