My Personal Path and Philosophy

Greetings, I’m Amir, the founder of Dao Rhythm. I wear many hats in life, but at my core, I’m a teacher of Spirit and Energy. My journey has taken me through diverse roles, from a professional musician and computer programmer to a Kundalini yoga teacher, event organizer, EFT practitioner, and now, a Universal Healing Tao instructor.

Back in the ’80s during my university days, I stumbled upon “Teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Castaneda, a book that chronicled the adventures of a UCLA graduate on a quest to discover medicinal plants in Mexico. This chance encounter with an old man named don Juan, a brujo or witch, led to a profound transformation. Don Juan reluctantly recognized the graduate, Carlos, as his heir to secret sorcery knowledge, setting the stage for a journey into the mystical realms.

As I immersed myself in Castaneda’s books over 15 years, I became convinced that these mystical realities were not mere fiction but attainable through personal power. My pursuit then became centered on amassing this personal power – a journey akin to navigating the dark without a definitive roadmap!

To unlock the secrets of the shamanic world, I explored various spiritual systems, delving into meditation, Tai Chi, martial arts, and Western mysticism. Don Juan’s teachings beckoned me back, particularly when I discovered “Magical Passes,” a book detailing movements to access the shamanic realm. These practices fuelled my confidence to reach these mystical places through my own efforts.

Yet, unanswered questions plagued my mind, pushing me to explore other spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. In 2006, I became a Kundalini yoga teacher, benefiting my health but still leaving me with a longing for more. At one point, I gave up on reaching the shamanic world, resigning myself to an ordinary life devoid of deeper knowledge. Strangely, in my surrender, I found a new awakening—a realization that Don Juan’s teachings were not for the mind but for another faculty within me.

This epiphany brought renewed hope, as I learned to listen to the whispers of the Spirit and trust that life itself could be my teacher, with others serving as intermediaries to expedite the process. My exploration led me to Taoism, which I found to be profoundly shamanic, similar to Don Juan’s teachings but more accessible and well-documented. Today, I proudly hold the title of a Universal Healing Tao Instructor, though I refrain from limiting myself to any single label.

I call myself a “Sourcerer” with a ‘u’ to emphasize that we are all source energy expressing ourselves through various skills and labels. Picture a circle with source energy at the center, radiating out to illuminate our skills and labels on the circumference, like drummer, teacher, singer, and dancer. I see myself as source energy expressing itself through every avenue I’ve explored and cultivated.

What I Do
In essence, I’m a teacher of Spirit and Energy. My mission is to ignite curiosity, nurture a love for learning, and unveil the mysteries of life. I help individuals lead healthier lives with more vitality, cultivating personal power along the way.

Who I Can Assist
I’m here for those who seek deeper meaning, those ready to explore life’s profound questions. I support individuals striving for unapologetic self-expression, willing to put in the work to unlock their potential. My guidance benefits those aiming for improved health, increased energy, and the development of their personal power. If you’re looking to break free from societal constraints, cultural conditioning, or self-imposed limitations, I’m here for you. I believe in your untapped potential and your journey toward freedom.

How I Can Help
To achieve these goals, I draw upon my extensive and eclectic knowledge. My approach combines tailored meditations, movements, exercises, and mentoring, all crafted to meet your unique needs. While no two paths are the same, the principles I follow have yielded results for centuries.